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Sekkisei Eye Cream N

Sekkisei Eye Cream N
Formulated with a perfect balance of highly concentrated ancient herbal extracts and ceramides that naturally help boost the collagen levels in skin, this new moisturizing eye cream nourishes and hydrates the skin while leaving the eye areas brighter and firmer.
20 mL / 0.7 oz

Directions & Tips

Use as the final step of your night skincare routine. Take a small amount on the spatula. Using fingertips, gently blend into the skin and then tap around the eyes.

* Approximate amount is one drop about the size of a grain of rice per eye.

**Use slightly less when applying with makeup.


Herbal Extracts: Fermented coix seed extract, angelica extract, melothria heterophylla (white lotus) extract, ophiocordyceps sinensis (caterpillar fungus) extract, tachibana (citrus) peel extract, coptis (goldthread) extract, glycerin (moisturizer)

Coix seed extract contains a solution of saccharomyces, fermented coix seed and glycerin. Ceramide 2 is a nutrient essential for maintaining moisture in the eye area.

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